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The Big Day

When an uptight groom's best friends accidentally hire a hooker for his bachelor party they must hide her from his bride and her eccentric bridesmaids before the pimp ruins his wedding and any hope he has of happily ever after.  

   Directed by Arian Harandi, Starring Hunter C. Smith & Madeleine Dean

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Live Action Fan Film

Not your average Joker! Released by Indie filmmakers Re:Anime Films Return of the Joker seeks to honor fans of the Batman: The Animated Series (TAS) and the newer Batman Beyond series by presenting this live action fan adaptation of the climactic final battle of the DC animated feature, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

    Directed by Nik Shaw. Starring Will Tomi & Hunter C. Smith.


Although Lucky missed out on SXSW, Fantasia Fest 2020 was more than happy to present the world premiere of Lucky!Recently robbed of its world premiere at Austin's SXSW Film Festival Epic Pictures' horror film Lucky pits the talented Brea Grant against a masked manifestation that... Just. Won't. Die. Can she keep surviving the Man's attacks after night? Or will her luck eventually run out?

    Directed by Natasha Kermani. Written & Starring Brea Grant with Hunter C. Smith as The Man.

Verizon 5G Sith Jet Trooper Experience Star Wars: The

Rise of Skywalker Premiere

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is memorable for a myriad of reasons, but the premiere of the film itself will forever be remembered for another reason. Verizon 5G in association with RYOT streamed live motion capture tracking data across the city of Los Angeles to create real time animated avatars of Sith Jet Troopers to interact with guests on the red (blue) carpet.

    Directed by Jeff Sloniker.

    Troopers: Alan Maxson, Verona Blue, Hunter C. Smith
    Techs: TK Gorgonia, Vince Argentine

A Knight of Rosslyn

After his fellow Templars are ambushed a knight must find and deliver a secret to the last remaining descendant of an ancient bloodline. Wounded and running for his life this knight must retrieve the message and defeat the assassin who is fast on his heels.

   Written and directed by Hunter C. Smith.

   Starring Roberto Martinez-Loyo and Hunter C. Smith.

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