Hey, I’m

Hunter C. Smith

Actor / Voice Actor / Stunt & Creature Performer 

An ardent, alluring, 
     sardonic son of a bitch
          who always goes the extra mile




About Me

I am an actor, voice actor, and stunt performer with specializations in performance capture, combat, and creature work. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Theatre & Dance from the University of Texas: Austin and completed the two year Meisner program at the Baron Brown Studio, Santa Monica. I have spent the past ten years working and training in all 


"Hunter Smith brings raw talent and a level of character work that can be seen in every frame of his performance. Hunter seamlessly integrates elaborate direction with unique, creative choices."

-Alan Maxson, Director, Editor, Creature Performer

"I attribute Hunter's excellence to his great imagination, natural talent, and innovative creativity, but his secret sauce is his tireless work ethic. I can think of nothing more exciting than to act with him."

-Joanne Baron, Artistic Director Baron/Brown Acting Studio

"Hunter Smith does his homework! He knows exactly what I want and always has options. I can say give me a 6.5, and he'll be exactly that. I've never worked with someone like that."

-Nik Shaw, Director/Producer Re:Anime Films