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Hey, I’m

Hunter C. Smith

Actor / Voice Actor / Stunt & Creature Performer 

An ardent, alluring, 
     sardonic son of a bitch
          who always goes the extra mile




About Me

I am an actor, voice actor, and stunt performer with specializations in performance capture, combat, and creature work. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Theatre & Dance from UT: Austin and completed the Meisner program at the Baron Brown Studio, Santa Monica.  I am a storyteller to my core no matter what medium. I have that special sauce of theatrical training, film focus, grounded movement, and vulnerable emotionality that allows me to adapt to whatever project is placed in front of me. Tenacity over temerity, dedication over distraction, community over self. Let's get to it!


"Hunter Smith brings raw talent and a level of character work that can be seen in every frame of his performance. Hunter seamlessly integrates elaborate direction with unique, creative choices."

-Alan Maxson, Director, Editor, Creature Performer

"I attribute Hunter's excellence to his great imagination, natural talent, and innovative creativity, but his secret sauce is his tireless work ethic. I can think of nothing more exciting than to act with him."

-Joanne Baron, Artistic Director Baron/Brown Acting Studio

"Hunter Smith does his homework! He knows exactly what I want and always has options. I can say give me a 6.5, and he'll be exactly that. I've never worked with someone like that."

-Nik Shaw, Director/Producer Re:Anime Films


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